Franchise Advisor to Franchise Owner

Franchise Advisor to Franchise Owner

I have placed many individuals into successful franchise systems. Many are still actively in their business while others have moved on some for personal reasons, others, it just did not work out for them.

Speaking to working out, this is my second leap into franchise ownership. My first was in Madrid, Spain with Jamaica Coffee Shop. I owned that boutique Coffee Shop for about five years then sold it back to the franchisor. I then embarked on helping and guiding individuals through the very complex and confusing world of franchising and franchise ownership.. This has lead me to ownership of a  Schooley Mitchell franchise which is the largest independent Telecommunication Franchise in North America.

Many came to me because they were either downsized, wanted a career change or really
felt it was time for them to be their own boss. Being a business owner in today's highly
competitive markets comes with lots of risks. Most franchisors understand the risks
and try very hard to work with potential owners to insure success. It does not always
happen and that could be because of several factors. Many individuals are not fully prepared for the challenges that lie ahead such as needed capital to operate, networking
licensing, technology, and just staying ahead of the curve to be competitive.

I will continue to write on this subject and my personal experiences with franchise
ownership both domestically and in the international marketplace.


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