Had quick 15 minute conversation with Jerry today. I had hit a wall in what I knew and the continued steps forward for our business were clear as mud. Jerry helped give a quick synopsis of what a franchise model consists of and some of the darker issues that can come up. Would recommend to anyone unsure or not about the way forward. As a solopreneur its imperative that I keep focused and Jerry assisted with that.
–Jeffrey Wharton-Omaha, Neb.

Jerry was great and exactly what I needed. He was crisp, answered the questions I asked, and thoughtful in offering additional help. I highly recommend him.
-Clarity Parag Vaish, Director, Mobile Product Management at StubHub

Congratulations to two BAI Members Jantize America and Jerry Pollio! Jantize America recently awarded the Area Developer rights and Agreement in Houston, TX to Mr.Moise Array, referred from BAI Consultant, Jerry Pollio, Founder Franchise Futures. "Jerry did a great job of working with the client", Says Paul Dorsey of Jantize America. Even though the candidate as/had regular overseas travels for his other business. Jerry educated the candidate himself and his client's about our area developer program and its residual income streams and it made all the difference in the world. Jerry properly qualified his client, and then stayed involved throughout the entire process. Jerry even picked us up at the airport when we met the candidate! “Communication is key, and it’s critical to follow up with your clients, even if for a brief phone call.” Says Jerry!Thanks for the referral and congratulations to all on a job well done!
–Paul Dorsey, Jantize America

I attended your workshop last week at the Worklife Institue. I t was a pleasure meeting you and I appreciate your time and expertise. I was wondering if yo had the presentation available via link and if so can you share it.
–Jose Reyes

Had a fantastic, enlightening conversation with Jerry today. My due diligence process and understanding for how the acquisition of a franchise works has been improved 10 fold.
–Alexander Schultz-Source: Clarity
Everyone who is looking into going into business for themselves needs to take a look at the franchise approach. Jerry and his firm are the best I have seen at helping someone evaluate if a franchise is right for them or not. A well informed decision on choice of business structure is critical to the success of the business. Why would someone not take the time and evaluate one of the primary and often the best choices for their new venture. Use these folks and their quality advice to get it right.
–Richard Schissler, Business consultant/mentor with Silver Fox Advisors

Hello Jerry, I cannot thank you enough for your assistance, professionalism and franchise expertise regarding my interest in owning a franchise. I searched the internet and was at the point of giving up because I did not know who I could or should trust. You gave me straightforward, unbiased professional advice which helped me find franchise choices I never even thought of. I also appreciate your help guiding me with franchise lenders! I am a successful franchise owner thanks to all your hard work and commitment to my specific needs.
–Stu Schmidt, Pennsylvania

Jerry. I heard you on the Small Business Radio station several times. I felt comfortable contacting you because you spoke in an easy to understand language. As a former business owner, I knew I wanted a franchise just did not know which one? You took the time to provide me with several options you guided me throughout the entire process explained franchise terms I never heard of. I own a franchise in the home health care category and I know I own the right business for my future, thank you!
–QuanTra, Houston

I am a highly skilled Veteran with twenty years of service. I was actively preparing myself for business ownership as I planned for separation from the military. Franchising seemed to offer more security with all the training, support and systems in place. I was introduced to Jerry by a colleague. Jerry took me from not knowing what was available to me as a Veteran to identifying a perfect franchise fit for me and my family with all the Veteran incentives. I had IRA funds which Jerry was able to help me utilize those funds without any penalties.Today, I am the proud owner of a growing franchise in the healthy snack category.
–Hector Reyes, San Antonio

I work for a large Utility company in New England and also owned my own Plumbing business for 10 years. I wanted a secure business for my son who was graduating from college. I got a call from Jerry and he made sense. He told me there was no magic bullet and that together we would find the right franchise. My wife, son and I followed Jerry’s lead until we arrived at a franchise we felt was the best for us. Together we analyzed the business model, spoke with the owners, and discussed the process to ownership. It took us about 6-8 weeks to decide we are now the top grossing franchise nationally. You want someone to make sense of franchising, introduce you to the top resources so you get answers and not the hype then I recommend speaking with Jerry.
–Larry Sousa, New England

My view of you if anything only strengthened in the way you handled this process. I appreciate your continued support and look forward to talking again soon.
–David Grossman, President – Renue Systems, Inc. (Formerly National Appeal), 1102 N. Main St. – Lombard, IL 60148

This is Tom Yuhas, I'm the Vice President of Franchise Development for SparkleWash International the Commercial Pressure Washing Experts. I've been with Sparkle Wash since the spring of 2000. I recently had the good fortune to work closely with BAI broker Mr. Gerald Pollio. From March 4th thru April 6th Jerry and I collaborated on a candidate that lived in York County, Pennsylvania. During this time Jerry displayed exceptional professional diligence and courtesy both towards the candidate and me. The three of us were in constant communication and worked in harmony to guide the candidate to a business solution that best served his needs and ambitions. Now, in this particular case the candidate felt another business opportunity was more appropriate, and selected to go with them. Nonetheless, I was still pleased with the overall encounter. Jerry and I are both primarily interested in finding an opportunity that is in the client's best interest. I look forward to working with Jerry in the future. He has become a friend and a trusted business partner. If you are looking for an impartial business broker to help guide you, I strongly recommend Mr. Pollio. He will have your beast interest at heart - and I respect that.
–Thomas E. Yuhas, MA Vice President, Franchise Development SparkleWash International
I have to say that Jerry is truly interested in getting to know the people he works with. He'll take the time to get to know you and help you figure out what's best for you, and if that means that you talk to Jerry every day, then he'll be there for you every day! People trust Jerry, and he earns it. That's why he's great. He's absolutely a man of ethics and character. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with him, and can't wait to do so again.
–Josh Titler, Franchise Development Manager, DUCTZ

It has been great working with you as well Jerry. I really appreciate the connection you made for Stu and I. Since this will be our first closing, I am forwarding this email along to Jordan who is one of our business development representatives. I look forward to doing a lot more deals together! Have a good weekend.
–Andy Saddler, Senior Consultant, Guidant Financial

Our company is dependant on having resourceful recruiters who are discerning and diligent in envisioning and nurturing quality candidates for our enterprise. Jerry is a skilled businessman who refuses to compromise the process of bringing a team to maturity. I look forward to every project we work on together.
–Kent Weathersby, President, Weathersby Guild

I enthusiastically recommend Jerry as "THE" source for all small business people looking to become franchise owners. Working with Jerry and depending on his experience and contacts will save you time, effort and money. He is a master at helping you select the right franchise business that meets your experience, talent and financial situation.October 4, 2011 1st John Cruise, Radio Host, Small Business Talk was with another company when working with Jerry at Franchise Futures The search for the RIGHT franchise is a real challenge, especially in a pool of 3000+ options. The most effective path is one where an expert can help you along the path. The alternative is often very costly and time consuming. Jerry is one such expert who brings business and executive leadership decision making skills to his clients. In a challenging world of finding funding, he also provides access to funding resources that can save his clients tens of thousands of dollars. For anyone looking to own their own business - your first call should be to Jerry!
–Larry Carnell, Executive Franchise Business Development & Consultant, FranCastle Enterprises