Franchise Futures and Our Mission

What We Do:

Franchise Futures is committed to introducing you to franchise concepts that fit your requirements. Franchise Futures works with pre-screened solid opportunities that have a strong history of success! As a Franchise Specialist its my job to work with you to establish clear parameters as to what you are looking for based on your investment criteria, goals for financial returns, professional skills, time commitment and market preferences.
We present our candidates with viable franchise information so our candidates can make an informed and educated business decision. First, we’ll show candidates what franchise ownership looks and feels like then we develop a plan that best fits your specific objectives.

We are your personal franchise recruiter much like an experienced tour guide. Our role is to use our industry and market knowledge to introduce parties that are a good fit for each other.The franchise community relies on our expertise to identify then qualify individuals for franchise ownership. We educate buyers and prepare them to make good decisions. We are not selling franchises, but we do need to help sell the concept so people understand the value of the franchise. Remember franchises are awarded not sold! Instead we present you with the information and you make your own choices!

The 21th century consumer is looking convenience when they shop, whether it’s buying books over the internet, clothes at a regional mall or a car from a dealer on the miracle mile. The ability to do One Stop Franchise Shopping with a franchise consultant fits the American public and truly represents the future of the business. Each and every day we are discovering new and exciting franchise opportunities to add to our unique line of listings, always with the idea of meeting our customers desire for convenience, professionalism and expertise as the long-term goal.

Who We Are:

Franchise Futures is a culmination of more than 20 years of entrepreneurial excellence across the globe. We provide customers, companies and entrepreneurs the necessary tools to make an informed and educated franchise buying decision. We bring more than 20 years of international entrepreneurial expertise including franchise ownership withJamaica Coffee Shop in Madrid, Spain, Boutique Hotel in Quito, Ecuador, and Global Manufacturing and Marketing. This insures we have real life experience to guide candidates without any pressure towards a smart well informed business decision.

The most important element in successfully partnering with a franchise after all the information has been presented is, what is your gut is telling you! It is my job to creatively bring your story out, undercover your strengths, by pass your weakness (we all have those!) and present established, credible and successful business models.

Our Mission & Values:

Our Mission

At Franchise Futures our mission is to deliver unparalleled, non bias information that will guide you to an educated and informed franchise purchase.

Our Values

At Franchise Futures, we believe these seven core values provide the foundation for our success:

  • People are our greatest strength. We train, motivate and empower them in an environment where everyone has the opportunity to flourish. We unleash their potential and recognize and reward their contributions.
  • Respect and Caring for our customers and each other, as people diverse in background and perspective, as a team and as members of the communities we serve.
  • Honesty and Integrity. We will conduct ourselves in an open, honest and fair manner building trust in all of our working relationships.
  • Teamwork. We believe the team is stronger than the individual. We build on each other’s ideas and talents because we know that together we make better decisions and experience more success.
  • Service is our passion. We go above and beyond to create loyalty one customer at a time.
  • Excellence. An unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. We constantly raise the bar in all that we do to sustain our competitive advantage.
  • Fun is essential to our success. For our customers and for our own spirit.

Professional Affiliations:

Franchise Futures is a licensed affiliate two leading network of Franchise Consultants. Franchise Futures draws on more than 25 years of experience provided by these strategic partnerships. Franchises are continually reviewed and made available to our professional network.

Our strategic franchise network has over 250 licensed affiliates in the United States and Canada. These affiliates are continually bringing new franchise opportunities and resources to our franchise network. This is a great benefit to you, the candidate, because it aids Franchise Futures in identifying the best franchise opportunity for you. We are also an active member with the International Franchise Association and actively participate in industry events.