What exactly is my role in this process and what you can expect?
I work as an indepenent advisor, mentor and consultant advising you throughout the entire process. I am leveraging my years of business expertise, franchise knowledge and resources so we arrive at the best possible franchise model that meets most of your financial and personal requirments.

Who pays for my services and how do I determine which franchise?
I am paid by the franchisor for the sucessful referral of a qualified candidate. I have access to well over 200 franchise models. I keep those options open so I have a broad knowledge base on franchise models. I choose franchise models based on sound business principles such earnings history, franchisee satisfaction and owner validation, pending litigation if any, sound training process’s and on going support, the executive and support team who manage the business. It’s not a science but applying these principles insure we are researching and heading in the right direction.

Do you need an Attorney?
Generally its good business practice to have a Franchise Attorney review the franchise agreement to insure you understand your contractual obligations. A review will cost you approximately $1500-$2000.
Most franchise agreements will not be modified but they may be modified based on specific cicumstances, markets, location, existing competition….

How best to work with me and why you benefit from working with me?
Simple, I am an awesome advisor becuase I have owned franchises and business around the world so I get it! I know who the players are in the industy and I know who to ask and what to ask to get the transparency needed to make an informed decesion. Leverage my resources, engage at 150% and let’s see if we can make your dream of business ownership a reality?

If you decide not to continue what happens?
First there is NEVER a financial committment on your part! You will committ to serious engagement throughout the entire process. Conference calls, research, phone calls, due diligience and time with me. If you do not show up and don’t engage your fired! I will not present a candidate who is not fully engaged because you will not be awarded a franchise! Don’t waste anyone’s time because this is a serious decesion….